Got it!!!

This weekend I finally got some time to walk to the shop and buy a new cellphone. They girl helping me wanted to show me many models, but I interrupted her to tell her first my criteria:

  1. A good price
  2. Small size (I usually wear my cellphone in the pockets of my trousers)
  3. Easy to use

My first criteria limited the selection to those models for which my provider had an offer. Of these I could immediately remove all camera phones, smart phones, and big old models which left me with 3 phones to choose from (I don’t remember which were the other two). This brought me to my third criterion, usability. The girl told me that all phones are equally easy to use, which made me shock in horror, since most phones have major usability problems! And each generation of phones gets more features and thus more horrible usability decisions are made.

Siemens M55

After trying out the three models a little bit, I decided to go for the Siemens M55, even though it had a big usability problem popping up immediately: on the main screen two fast access buttons are shown: ‘menu’ on the right, and a book icon on the left. I expected that the book icon would directly open up my address book, but to my horror a confirmation screen appeared, on which I had to select ‘yes’ to open my address book. Of course the people in the shop could not explain me why I had to press the button twice to open up a basic function as the address book.

Anyway, I have a cellphone again and still many hours to go to find out how things work.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers