Dutch shopping list

Sometimes people ask me whether there are certain Dutch products I miss here in Lleida. The answer is: “No, I don’t miss anything, since I am often enough in Holland to do some shoppings.”

Most people can guess the most obvious items from my Dutch shopping list (Cheese & Dropjes), but there are some things which are not so obvious. Last weekend Berry and Manon told us several times that they would have brought it if they would have known it.

So for all my future visitors from Holland, here is our Dutch shopping list:

  1. Jonge kaas
  2. Dropjes (zacht zoet)
  3. Chicken Tonight
  4. Mix voor lasagne
  5. Cup-a-Soup Tomaat (Toscaans of Chinees geen bezwaar)
  6. Tijgernootjes
  7. Hagelslag
  8. Pepernoten (alleen in november en december uiteraard)
  9. Chocoladeletters (eveneens alleen in november en december)
  10. Brylcream (hier zijn ze zo modern dat ze alleen nog maar gel en wax hebben)
Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers