Obligation to relax

Last weekend Berry & Manon visited us. The good thing about people spending their holiday with us, is that we also get a little bit the ‘holiday feeling’. Normally we use part of the weekend to clean the house, do some shopping and work in the house, but now we did all this during the days before. So we had all the time to relax! On Friday evening we welcomed our guest with a beer, after which we ate a little bit. This to initiate them to the Catalan culture of spending a lot of time eating and drinking, usually a few hours later than they do in Holland – we had supper at 23:00. Saturday morning was a typical vacation morning. After sleeping a bit longer than usual, taking a shower and having a long breakfast, the morning was over. Time to head over to the city centre to take a beer on a terrace! Back home we had a long lunch and a short sleep (siesta!). When it started to become dark we walked outside to do some window shopping and compare the prices with those in Holland. In the evening Berry and I went to see a Basketball match, while Manon and Maria José had some tapas. We finished the day in a fine restaurant. After so much eating and drinking, we decided to have a slightly more active day on Sunday. The morning was the same as on Saturday, but after that we took the car to visit Montserrat and Sitges. At the end of the day we left them in front of a hotel in the middle of the Ramblas of Barcelona, so they would not have to travel a lot on Monday. Berry and Manon: thanks for getting us to relax!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers