Shopping urge

The only shops open in the morning when I wake up are bakeries and kiosks. I like that, since many days I go downstairs to buy some fresh bread for breakfast, once in a while accompanied with a newspaper. When I come home from my work, almost all shops are closed. I don’t like that, since many days I need something, and I will have to wait until Saturday to buy it. Or better: I’ll have to wait for the first Saturday on which I have time. Sometimes I work on Saturdays, sometimes I am in Holland on Saturdays, sometimes we have visitors on Saturdays, and sometimes I have to buy more important things on Saturdays… This Saturday I hope to have some time to do some shopping, but am afraid that once again I won’t have the time for it. I want to bring my suit to the chemical cleaner, I want to develop the pictures we made in Easter, and I want to buy a new cellphone. And as a true gadget freak, it itches to know that you really need a new gadget (my old phone is completely destroyed), and probably won’t have the time to buy it! :-(

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers