La pelota vasca

La Pelota Vasca is a documentary movie about the situation in the Basque Country.

In this movie, a lot of people involved with (both sides of) the situation like politicians, musicians, professors and victims are interviewed to give a view of how hopeless the situation is.

Two important groups are absent: the party currently governing Spain (PP) and the ETA; exactly the two groups who could make a difference in the situation.

I saw this movie last Saturday and was very impressed and decided to write about it on my site. But of course I did not have time for it, so I forgot it until I saw the news yesterday.

The PP has the opinion that the movie gives a one-sided view of the problem (mainly because they refused to participate in the first place), and is doing everything they can to prevent people from watching this movie.

So when this week a British film festival decided to show the movie, Spain withdrawed their yearly support for this festival to bring the festival into financial problems.

I was amazed to hear that a modern country which considers freedom of speech one of the basic human rights is trying to prevent British festival visitors from seeing another opinion than the government’s.

In the same news block I heard the news that the government refuses to talk with the governor of the Basque Country about his plans for a better relation between the central government and the autonomous regions.

So they do not only refuse his plans, but refuse to talk with him at all!!!! Once again, I cannot believe some of the things this government is doing, and getting away with.

If you ever get the chance to watch ‘La pelota vasca’, do it quickly. Though a little bit depressed, it certainly is worth your time. And you’re teasing the Spanish government at the same time!!!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers