Access Statistics


I just love numbers, and check the access statistics of my sites almost on a daily basis. Sometimes when I visit a site, I also check the statistics of that site. What kind of people are reading that site? Where do they come from? What were they looking for? All very interesting information…

My own visitors could not have a look behind the screens of this site, since my access statistics are located on the management control panel, safely protected by a password.

The application to generate these statistics is called AWStats, which I was using already before I moved to my current hosting provider. Since I knew the structure of the application, I figured that it should be possible to install AWStats myself, and have my copy point to the data files that are generated automatically by my provider's copy of AWStats.

And that is exactly what I've done. I only needed to copy the main file, the lib directory and the icons directories, and could use the existing configuration file (after changing the DirCgi parameter) to have everything working.

So now everybody can check my access statistics!!!

Maybe someday I will create an About this site page, on which I will put a permanent link to my statistics. Some people put this link on their home page, but in my opinion this feature is of no use to the general visitor, and only adds bloat to the home page.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers