Bad lay-out

I use this site a lot for testing out things. You could say that this site is Forever under construction. Today I have been testing again, and as a result, it looks more horrible in Internet Explorer. And since I am going on holidays, I am not going to fix it until next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have been working on the menu. The whole page header is situated inside a <div>, with an inline ordered list with bottom border as menu. Until today, I did nothing to position the menu, which resulted that the menu walked outside the header if you changed the font size. Not too beautiful…

So today I relatively positioned the header, and specified an absolute position of the menu, so it is always at the border of the containing positioned element, the header.

It solves the problem perfectly, but not in IE. I tested the new stylesheet in IE6, and the menu appeared at the bottom of the screen instead of the bottom of the header. I don’t know yet why IE is behaving like this, but promise to look further into it next week.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers