My parents are here

Yesterday evening my parents arrived for a short holiday in our house. I came home from work a little bit late, so I had to run a little bit to be ready before they arrived. I cleaned the last things, ironed our clothes and prepared a spinach/salmon quiche and a salad with cheese and apple.

When MJ arrived with them, I showed them around in our house. My mother only had seen it before we started the reconstruction, and though my father had visited us in January, enough things have changed in the mean time.

At half past ten we started our supper, which was even for us a little bit late. Fortunately my parents had eaten some krentenbollen (anybody knows the translation?) in the airplane. After supper we talked a little bit and we showed them our holiday photo’s from Croatia.

This morning before going to work, I prepared the table for breakfast. While they were eating, I gave them our map of Lleida and explained them where our house is and where they can find interesting things. I also explained them how to make coffee and gave them the keys of the house. I am sure that they will be alright.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers