Changing hosting provider #2

Change of plans…

Yesterday I told that I was going to redesign my templates and style before switching to the new hosting provider. After one day of design work, I realise that I want so many changes that the rewrite is going to take weeks.

The style I was using until now was based on the default templates of Movable Type, which I adapted by adding and deleting some things, until it looked almost like what I wanted. What I am doing now, is starting with an empty file and adding one by one the elements I want to see. This is a slowly process, since I cannot spend the whole day working on this—I wish I could!

So now I decided that I am going to copy everything as it is now to the new location, and continue the rewrite on the background. Therefore I disabled comments on the most popular entries (to disable comments on all entries I need to edit them one-by-one. There is a script that can do this, but is requires PHP and MySQL, two of the reasons I am switching to another provider).

Now I have to copy the templates and do an export and import of the data. If everything works well, you will read the next message from the new server.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers