Photo log

Today I finished entering my photo’s (51 in total) to my photo log. You won’t find any new photo’s there; all these photo’s have been available on my site for a long time already.

The benefits of this whole operation are that my photo’s can now have more than one category, the navigation is more intuitive and that you now have the ability to leave comments on photo’s (I implemented the photo log in MT). Besides that, it will be easier to maintain the whole thing, since I control my whole site with a single tool.

Now that this is ready, I have only two things left to do: remove the old Image Gallery and forward request for its pages to the new location, and restyle the photo log according to the style of the rest of the site. The first thing I will do today, the second one may take several months.

[Update 31.07.2003]: I just removed Image Gallery and changed my .htaccess file to redirect all requests to my photo log.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers