I mentioned them yesterday: the not yet so famous band Apesjit.

Why Apesjit? Sure, they are not the greatest band I know, but they are nice guys, certainly funny and play quite well. In short, they deserve some promotion and I gladly reserve a small spot on my site for them.

The first time I met Apesjit was in 1999 when we went to the Nirwana tuinfeest, a small festival in Lierop. We didn’t know what to expect, but after seeing Apesjit on Saturday early in the afternoon, we knew that we would have a great weekend. What a show!!!

Of course we immediately bought some t-shirts and after that directly to the band to complain about the text on the shirt. This was the case: they tried to convince us that you have to pronounce the band name as in English: Ape-shit. However, the spelling of their name is definitely Dutch (and their lyrics are Dutch as well), so we continued pronouncing the name in Dutch. Part of the t-shirt contained a dictionary page, explaining what Apesjit is, and according to the band we could see there how to pronounce it: Eip–∫jit. We told the band to make up their minds and choose between their Apeshit or Eipfjit. Until that moment we will continue using the Dutch pronunciation.

After that first concert we have travelled several times to the far south of the Netherlands to see them (on stage or looking side by side to other bands), and we even arranged a concert for them in Harmelen.

Now that I live in Lleida, I cannot visit them anymore. I surely would have liked to see their performance at the zwarte cross, where they played from a truck driving over the cross track. And surely they will be present at the coming Tuinfeest festival; not to play, but to enjoy the music and drink some beer.

If I want to see them again, I will just have to wait until they are famous enough to do an European tour. Until that moment; all I can do is give them some publicity…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers