Over the years, the emphasis of my site has changed a lot.

I started a personal site mainly to experiment with this new phenomenon. First I created a list with hyperlinks, mainly to sites about the Internet and sites about music.

After that I added some info about myself and started writing a sort of diary.

Later I was able to export data from my CD database, so everybody could see which CD’s I own. Besides experimenting with databases, I did this because I think that someone’s music preferences tells a lot about the person, and makes it easier to identify the writer.

Just before moving to Lleida, I created a completely new site with stories and photo’s from my life over here. Now, 20 months later, I am looking at my site, and feel that something is missing. This site does not swing, it does not rock and it does not dance. This site misses music!!!!

The only fragment of music on this site is the link to ApeSjit on my blogroll.

Listening to music is one of my greatest hobbies; the moment I come home I turn on the radio or put a CD. Since this site is about me, it needs music. Therefore I created a new category, so I will be stimulated to write about music.

In the future I will try to add my CD database again, but I want it to be completely automated, since the old solution needed a lot of manual copy and paste work. And maybe I will add the ‘Currently listening to’ feature so many other sites show.

This site is going to rock!!! :-D

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers