More on Managing Static content

After yesterdays post I started playing more with Movable Type.

I decided to move some static content from my site to a separate section, as described by Brad Choate. At that moment, the only static content I had were the HTML error pages, displayed in case somebody asks a non-existing page. These pages were implemented as index templates, but with the new method I can treat them as normal texts without having to edit HTML code. I also decided to move the Stylesheet templates to the new section, since they are hardly ever updated.

After entering the texts for the error documents, I ran into a problem. I wanted to use almost the same templates as I am using for the rest of the site, but these templates make use of template modules (text snippets), which are linked to a specific section. So I started looking for a solution to display information from one section into another. And I found exactly what I was looking for: MTOtherBlog.

After this success I created some more static content (a Spambot trap), and fixed my search page with the MTOtherBlog plugin.

I am very happy with my MT static content solution. However, after this experience I realise that MT is not suited for the Fimcap site, since it has too much static content in a more complex directory structure. This would mean that we have to create a seperate category for every subcategory, which would make it difficult to manage.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers