Mozilla Thunderbird

Yesterday I have installed Mozilla Thunderbird on my computer.

Until now I was using Microsoft Outlook Express to handle my mail, but I was far from satisfied with it. I never have been a great fan of OE, but since my computer is very old (1997) with limited resources (Cyrix P150+, 48Mb RAM), I am very careful not installing too much heavy software on it. Therefore I stick with the default Windows applications as much as possible, unless they are completely unworkable.

A while ago I already switched from IE6 (which was almost as old as my computer) to Mozilla Firebird for obvious reasons, and I never looked back to Internet Explorer anymore.

Outlook Express was also close to unworkable for me. Its limited filtering, habit of creating bloated e-mail and top posting were bugging me all the time.

Time for a change, and my Mozilla experience lead me to Thunderbird. The only problem is that the Thunderbird project is still in a alpha stage, and therefore surely still contains some bugs. I decided to install it anyway, and until now I haven’t found a single bug!

It feels a little bit slower than OE, but it certainly makes life a lot easier. I was able to import my Outlook Express address book and mail without problems, and was able to set up a (Bayesian) Spam filter in no time.

I still have to do some additional configuring like specifying the signatures and adding my certificates, but my experience so-far is more than positive!!!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers