Back to work

The holidays are definitely over; I have spent my first day at the office again. Of course my colleagues wanted to know everything about my trip and of course I recommended them to visit Croatia as well.

Black polo shirts with the company logo arrived during my absence, and everybody except me was wearing those shirts in the office. Wearing the polo is more or less obliged, unless you have a reason to dress more formally. I don’t mind wearing this uniform, since it is a nice shirt and saves me from making some wrong choices in that very difficult first hour of the day.

As expected, the work I left on my desk before leaving was still there, so today I continued working on the English version of the corporate site. I still need to translate some documents and have to create some screenshots of the software, but I hope to finish it this week.

The site is already live but gives 404 errors for the pages that I still have to translate. In my opinion a bad decision, but since my move to the international department I have no influence on the design and technical side of the site anymore. The only way to get rid of these 404’s is to work hard this week!!!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers