Holiday plans

The temperature is around 35°C for over a week now, during the day you hear a lot of complains about the heat, in the evening people live on the cool streets.

Everybody runs to the beach in the weekend, Lleida is getting empty. And not only here, Russell Beattie made the same observations in his entry Small Spanish Towns.

The holiday season is approaching, so we are thinking about what to do. We have two short periods to get away: the first two weeks of July and the first two weeks of September.

We were planning to visit the Netherlands in July together with my in-laws (they never went abroad), but we are not sure if they recovered enough from their car accident.

If not, we will try to go in September. The other short holiday we plan to take our car and drive to Croatia, with a short stop in Milano to visit our friends Roberto and Francesca.

Maybe we will also stop in Venetia. Besides travelling we also want to have some days to stay at home and relax, since lately we hardly have time to be at home.

Then there are also some people visiting us. The most important ones are my parents, who will be here on August 12–19. My mother has not seen our finished house yet; the last time she was here was in July 2002, when we just started the reconstruction of our house. My father has visited us two times more, mainly to work in our house.

The truth is that we haven’t made a lot of progress since he last visited us. Therefore we plan to finish some more small things, so my father doesn’t get the impression that we don’t do anything (keeping up appearances)…

Yesterday Roberto phoned us from Italy to tell that he and Francesca are going to spend some time in the beginning of August in Catalonia, and surely will visit us. Yes, we are definitely looking forward to the summer!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers