Bloggers in Lleida

Yesterday a new webblog was born in Lleida. That is something quite special, since until now I haven’t found many people writing about Lleida. So I decided to make a short overview:

  • Albert Alcaine i Peralta
    After some persistant clicking you will find an outdated but beautifully designed blog
  • Braintags
    I guess I don’t have to explain anything about my site.
  • Connexions Internes
    Xavier is another Linux user, who started his own web log recently.
  • Ecografia
    The milk bottles blog of Sinfry (in Spanish).
  • El Manicomi
    About overclocking, watercooling, networks, internet and Lleida
  • Aleix Portell Llobetó
    Unfortunately he hasn’t updated his site since February.
  • Postals des del frenopatic
    The new weblog created yesterday. Spookie writes in Catalan about her life in Lleida.
  • Quien Pone La Polla
    Fellow geeks!
  • stee
    Stee is surely the most active blogger in Lleida. Although she is Catalan, she writes in Spanish to reach more people. I found her site after she wrote about The Cramps.
  • Underlog
    GeoURL tels me that the owner of this blog lives 3 miles west of me.

Do you know any other bloggers is Lleida? Just let me know, and I will add you to my list.

[Update 2003.07.22]: Added Albert Alcaine i Peralta
[Update 2003.08.13]: Added Connexions Internes
[Update 2003.09.05]: Added Underlog

One thought on “Bloggers in Lleida”

  1. More bloggers in Lleida

    About a year ago I made a list of webloggers from Lleida. It was time to have a look at it again, so I consulted my friend Google, to find some additional weblogs.

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