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Yesterday a new webblog was born in Lleida. That is something quite special, since until now I haven’t found many people writing about Lleida. So I decided to make a short overview:
Albert Alcaine i Peralta
After some persistant clicking you will find an outdated but beautifully designed blog
I guess I don’t have to explain anything about my site.
Connexions Internes
Xavier is another Linux user, who started his own web log recently.
The milk bottles blog of Sinfry (in Spanish).
El Manicomi
About overclocking, watercooling, networks, internet and Lleida
Aleix Portell Llobetó
Unfortunately he hasn’t updated his site since February.
Postals des del frenopatic
The new weblog created yesterday. _Spookie_ writes in Catalan about her life in Lleida.
Quien Pone La Polla
Fellow geeks!
Stee is surely the most active blogger in Lleida. Although she is Catalan, she writes in Spanish to reach more people. I found her site after she wrote about The Cramps.
GeoURL tels me that the owner of this blog lives 3 miles west of me.
Do you know any other bloggers is Lleida? Just let me know, and I will add you to my list.
**[Update 2003.07.22]:** Added Albert Alcaine i Peralta
**[Update 2003.08.13]:** Added Connexions Internes
**[Update 2003.09.05]:** Added Underlog

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  1. More bloggers in Lleida

    About a year ago I made a list of webloggers from Lleida. It was time to have a look at it again, so I consulted my friend Google, to find some additional weblogs.

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