Photo Gallery #2

A while ago I wrote about my old Image gallery, and gave a link to the gallery since I didn’t create the navigation tabs yet.

The gallery was created using a script called ‘Image Arcadia’ which is not supported on a public site anymore. Although it worked alright, it still needed a lot of customisation to fit into the rest of the site.

Recently I run across PhotoBlog from Quixotic Pixels. This is a set of Movable Type templates, allowing me to manage my images the same way I manage my texts, without having to install extra scripts.

I uploaded some photo’s from my old Photo Gallery and used the default blue style, and it looks alright.

The next time I will add all other photo’s and I will adjust the look of the pages little by little until it fits with the rest of the site. There is still a lot to be done…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers