Only a few days to go…

Two more days working and we will go for a short trip to Holland!!!

The reason is of course the wedding of Berry and Manon on Friday. We will leave Thursday early in the morning, giving us one day to travel, shop, talk with my parents and of course to prepare us (physically and mentally) for the big day.

Berry and Manon will get married ‘for the law’ in Restaurant de Kloosterhoeve, which I consider a good choice, since it has a lot more atmosphere than the town hall in Woerden and is situated in the centre of Harmelen.

The religious part of the day will take place in the St. Bavo church, and the party will be in Restaurant De Putkop.

I am really looking forward to this day, firstly because it is an important day for some of my best friends and secondly because I will meet a lot of people to whom I haven’t spoken for some time. And finally, I always like to go back to Harmelen.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers