Food on my mind

Eating and drinking…

I guess that will be the central theme for today and the coming days.

This lunchtime I went to restaurant ‘La Tapa’ with 23 colleagues to say goodbye to a colleague. For me this was a great opportunity to see my other colleagues again, since I work only with a few people in the commercial department, and all the others are in another building. It also was nice to see the new faces and connect them to the voices I have heard over the telephone.

Tonight we are going to have a supper at the house of the parents of Maria José, to celebrate the birthday of her grandmother. We will be bringing some coca de recapte, and together with some tortilla’s and a little bit of Cava (Catalan Champagne) my first culinary day will be complete.

But after that the party will begin. This weekend is the weekend of the Aplec del Caragol, the snail party. The motto of the weekend says it all: 12.000 participants, 100 clubs, 200.000 visitors, 12 tons of snails.

To get a better impression, change the word club in something like ‘group of friends with their family who has their own place to eat, drink, meet, listen to (live) music…’. There is no way to describe the Aplec, it is something you have to experience, and preferably in a colla (group). As any year, we will be with the whole family in the colla called ‘Picarol’.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers