Back to work

I wrote the last entry on this site exactly four hours before the start of the ‘Festa Major’ en Lleida. This morning I have been working again, so it is exactly four hours after festa major.

We had a great weekend! I think that we have seen all the highlights of the weekend, and in between we took the time to enjoy our free time. We have spent quite some time shopping for clothes. Maybe it was because our wardrobe looked empty after removing the winter clothes and clothes we never ware anymore.

Yesterday we went to a big factory outlet in a small town called Roca de Vallès. For those who don’t know: in a factory outlet you can buy the clothes the factory does not want to sell in the normal shops because of small errors or because the model is outdated or experimental. You have to look carefully, but you can find good quality for a very sharp price.

Unfortunately, the women’s fashion is so horrible at the moment that we couldn’t find anything for Maria José. And all we were looking for was a normal pair of jeans (unbleached), a white collar-shirt and a jeans jacket.

Later on that day, the deception of the morning was balanced by the wonderful show of the Moros i Cristians. First we saw the parade through the city and in the evening they presented in a spectacular way how the Moros conquered Lleida from the Christians.

On Saturday we didn’t see much of the party. We went shopping in town and relaxed at home. In the evening we had some friends for supper. After supper (which was around 1 o’clock) we went to the ‘regional houses’. Just outside Lleida on the fair grounds you could eat and drink specialities from different regions of Spain. It reminded me of the typical evening at Euroforums, where each country presents their typical culinary specialities. Only here tens of thousands people were trying to get the best. We usually hang around the bar of Galicia. The difficult thing is to find your friend in this huge audience.

Besides food and drinks there were also some concerts, of which I only remember that they were horrible. They told me that one of the artists has represented Spain on the Eurovision song contest…

The surprise of that evening was when I noticed someone who looked very familiar to me, only I couldn’t remember why. He came to us and when he started talking I knew it.

Pietro had participated in a few Euroforums and is the nephew of the former Italian representative Marco. He told us that he is living in Barcelona since a few months, and he came to Lleida to party.

Yes, Fimcap is like a small family…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers