MTBlogShares extention

Being a user of Movable type and a player of BlogShares, I have been looking to combine those things: it would be awesome to see Blogshares information on my site.

After looking around a little bit, I found MTBlogShares from David Raynes. His plugin lets me publish all kinds of information from BlogShares on my site, but the one thing I have been looking for has not been implemented yet.

So David, if you read this, could you implement this in your plugin for me, since my programming knowledge is by far not as good as yours:

Using your plugin it is possible to obtain the URL of each stock’s BlogShares page. The only thing that I want is a possibility to remove the string, so that I have the URL of the site in question.

This allows me to create a list with links to sites I own shares of. As soon as the BlogShares spider visits my site and picks up those links, the total value of the blogs I have shares in will increase, making my shares worth more.

Well, what do you think about this idea? I think a lot of people will use your plugin if you have implemented this option.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers