Website progress

People who haven’t visited my website might think that it has changed a lot. But after the big step last week things look quite the same. That is because I am going to make the site in three stages:

  1. Contents. I have imported all the news items from my old site. The last days I have reviewed them all and corrected spelling errors, updated expired links and categorised the items. It was fun to read everything again, from moving to Lleida to local culture to reconstructing our house;
  2. Structure. In the next step I will create the structure: decide which information will be shown, and where does it come. I will start with the main page, and then do the archive and individual pages;
  3. Presentation. The last part will be the fun part. In this step I am going to edit the style sheet to define how each page looks (colours, fonts, borders, images…)

Anyway, plenty of work left for the next weeks.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers