My life in a nutshell

It has been a while ago since I last updated my page. The stats show that it doesn’t matter since people are visiting my site anyway, but I feel a little bit guilty about it. It is not that I haven’t got anything to tell. There are things happening in my life, but mostly I am waiting.

Waiting for the arrival of the legs of our desk, so I can remove my computer from the boxes and check if it still works after spending 17 months stuffed away in a little corner.

Waiting to see if my computer works, so I can finally buy a Wifi PCI card to connect to the neighbours ADSL line. Why pay a lot of money if you can share, isn’t it?

Waiting for the Dutch consulate to tell me when my new passport will arrive. I just sent them the request form, and I know that it takes at least three weeks to have the new passport, but I want to be sure that I can go to the Netherlands for a small party in the beginning of June.

Waiting for Easter, when I will have some days off to relax a little bit. We have been thinking about going away for some days to the Basque Country, but finally we decided to stay at home and relax a little bit. Of course we will go to the beach one day, and for sure we are going to do some nice things the other days as well.

Waiting for inspiration to write something more interesting on my site…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers