Another visit

After we had some visitors from Barcelona last weekend, this weekend we had visit from Switzerland. Karin and her boyfriend are having a holiday in Catalunya, and decided to visit us last weekend.

I know Karin since my first Euroforum and have met her and her friends several times in different countries in Europe. Two years long I went to Switzerland in summer, to help them with their summer camp, and every time I crossed Switzerland I tried to make some time for a stop in Luzern. The last years however I didn’t have a lot of contact with her, so it was a pleasure to see her again.

They arrived on Friday evening, while I was still at work, so they had to wait a little bit at home. They didn’t mind after walking two days through Barcelona.

After my work we went for a beer in O’Sullivans, after which we would meet Maria José and go to a restaurant.

However, when we wanted to leave the place, I noticed that my jacket was gone. I knew 100% sure that I had put it on the chair right behind us (and we were almost in the corner!), but it just wasn’t there anymore. After searching around a little bit, we knew for sure that the jacket had been stolen.

I informed a waitress, who told me that the day before had happened the same thing. Without jacket (including cellphone, Palm III agenda, passport and drivers licence) we walked to the restaurant, where Maria José tried to phone to my phone. It was still ringing, but nobody answered (as expected).

We enjoyed a nice mail at Pastificio (pasta of course), brought our guests home for a beer and went to the police.

On Saturday I showed our guests around in Lleida. We visited the usual things like the Seu Vella, Carrer Major, Seu Nova, … We also taught them wat a ‘siesta’ is.

On Sunday, after enjoying our breakfast, we prepared some sandwiches and drove to Ulldemolins. There, we took a drink and started walking into the mountains.

After almost two hours we were up on the mountain, almost 500 meters higher than where we started. We ate our sandwiches, and said goodbye to our guests. They were going to walk some hours more until they arrive in Montsant on the other side of the mountain, where they would have to find a place to stay. We walked back to our car and drive back home. Notice that this is not the normal way we leave our guests!!!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers