Happy New Year!!!

A new year has started, and it has started very well for me. This was the first time that we celebrated New Year in Lleida. We spend the last evening of the year with our family; eating, drinking, talking, watching television…

At midnight I participated in a typical (hilarious) custom: eat a grape on every bang of the clock, and thus ending up with twelve grapes in your mouth!!! Maria José was not able to finish her twelve grapes, because she was rolling on the floor laughing.

A little after midnight we went to visit a friend at home. She was supposed to go with us to the pub, but got ill that day (poor girl…). We had some more glases of cava, parked our car at home and went off to the Pentagrama. I always like to go to the ‘Penta’ because they play a lot of music from the eighties.

The next day we woke up incredably early, at twelve o’clock. We had a short breakfast and a quick shower and went off to the new year’s lunch. In the afternoon we were painting in our house. Since we are living there we haven’t worked a lot, so it still isn’t finished yet. This extra free day gave us the opportunity to work a little bit.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers