Christmas dinner

Yesterday morning I found the official invitation for the company christmas dinner on my desk, the dinner was going to take place the same day. Fortunately we already new about the dinner for one week…

After work, I first went to our office in Torrefarrera to receive the traditional christmas box, this year with a lot of alcohol and chocolate.

Then quickly home to change clothes. Since this was my first Christmas dinner, I didn’t know the dress code. I knew that a suit would be overdone, but to be sure I decided to take a tie with me and decide whether to wear it or not at the restaurant when I see how my colleagues are dressed.

The dinner was really good, but I could expect that from this restaurant (Petit Catalá). One thing I didn’t like was the distribution of the tables. They decided to keep all departments together, so I shared the table with the colleagues I work with every day, while I would have liked to talk more with the colleagues I don’t see so often.

At one o’clock we finished, but because we still had a lot to ‘discuss’, we went to Smiling Jack. Today I can see my colleagues having troubles keeping their eyes open…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers