Although 2 months ago we started working in our new office, the office has been inaugurated officially yesterday. The last week a lot of people have been working very hard to make everything spick ‘n’ span. A new gate, small white stones around every plant in the garden, repair the basket ball net, finish the kitchen in our guesthouse. Inside we cleaned everything and I supplied the two vacant desks with brand new HP e-pc’s and Samsung TFT screens. We also created a nice screensaver with the ICG logo.

Before the guests arrived, the mayor of Lleida was shown around in the office and the gardens. I was ‘lucky’ enough that he was waiting for our CEO next to my desk, so I could have a short talk with him.

Present were the representatives of the local government, the biggest clients from Lleida, some other relations and our distributors from Andalucía, Madrid, Portugal and Mexico.

The mayor revealed a memorial stone on the wall, the CEO and the mayor held their obligatory speech, and then we could enjoy the cava, tapas and live classical music in the gardens.

Some people already told me that the new office looks like the house off a mafia godfather. Well, yesterday with this set-up and all the people in suits with sunglasses walking around, I certainly could agree.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers