I have been working now for four days in the international departement, and so far everything goes really well.

The first two days, my colleague explained me all the ins and outs of FrontRetail, one of ICG’s applications. And now I am working hard on the Dutch translation of this application.

Must be easy for me, not? Indeed, not! Translating is a lot more difficult than I expected. Partly because the structure of the two languages is different, partly because I started with a badly translated version, partly because some words have more meanings, but most of all because my lack of knowledge of accounting.

Furthermore things go great. The office is absolutely beautiful (I still have to try out the swimming pool in the garden), my colleagues are helping me a lot and I am helping them (being the only technician in the office). The small problems every new office have like the absence of a coffee machine and an airco that works as a freezer will be solved soon.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers