The next step

I have been working a little bit more than six months now for Ricomack. During this time I have got to know Ricomack and the mother company ICG. I also have been able to transform myself from AIX/UNIX oriented into a generalist, since I have been working with Windows 2000, Windows XP, RedHat Linux, routers, networking, Point-Of-Sale systems, printers, the ICG software, … I have to say that I really like my work, although sometimes the work is not exactly what I like to do (like repairing 10 year old PC’s). But anyway, I feel comfortable in this company.

But last Friday I got an offer I couldn’t resist. ICG wants me to be in their international ‘department’. At this moment this department is operated by only one colleague, who is responsible for both the international sales and support. And that combination sometimes is a problem, because it is hard to support other clients being on an international sales visit. So now I am going to help in the support.

This morning I packed my new PC and went off to the new office. Let’s see what we can do here…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers