Party time

This week we are in the middle of two major parties in Lleida.

Last weekend we celebrated the ‘Festa Major’, because the patron of Lleida, St. Anastasi has it’s day on May 11th. There were plenty of activities organised through the whole weekend. For MJ and I, the weekend was even more special, because we had some visitors from Holland to join us: Berry and Manon.

On Friday night we started calmly. After having supper in a restaurant we went to the Camps Elisis. There was a big festival terrain with some big bars outside, a luna park and a hall for concerts. OK, I have to admit that the concerts were not so good, but maybe that’s only because I’m not a big fan of Boney M.

On Saturday we did some sightseeing (La Seu Vella) and saw the children in traditional clothes offer flowers to St. Anastasi. In the evening we went to see the ‘correfoc’ (difficult to explain, but it has to do with jumping and a lot of fireworks).

Sunday we saw the ‘Moros I Cristianos’. First the presentation in the streets of Lleida and later the show at La Seu Vella. Their clothes were really incredible.

The coming weekend there is another party, the ‘Aplec de caragols’. If I have time I will write about is next week…

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers