Short visit

Normally when we visit Holland, time seems to fly. That is why we decided to go on Thursday evening. The other reason was the wedding of Ton & Mirjam on Friday.

Due to a little delay we arrived in Harmelen at 1:00 at night. Of course we had to spend some time chatting with my parents, so we went to bed quite late.

I planned to arrange some things and go shopping on Friday morning, but as usual it was impossible to get out of bed early enough. Somehow every visit to Holland feels like a holiday, and the first days of holidays I usually spent resting (=sleeping). Anyway, by the time we got up, we had to run through the shower, quickly grab a sandwich and hop into the car to arrive on time in the townhall. The ceremony was funny and entertaining and I know it’s a cliché but the bride looked pretty.

In the afternoon we had some minutes left for shopping (dropjes, tijgernootjes, …). The rest of the time we spent reading on the sofa. First of all because the weather wasn’t so good, but also because at home we haven’t got a sofa.

The party at night was also really ‘gezellig’. I had a chance to have a chat with a lot of people, and was able to hear the latest gossip. I was so occupied with talking to all those people that sometimes I forgot that MJ doesn’t understand any of it. (Sorry for that, next time I will take care of you a little bit more…).

On the same evening, Pere had arrived home, so Saturday we showed him Amsterdam and Utrecht. We found out that a Dutch guide is of no use at all in Amsterdam, because on the streets you’ll find more Spanish tourists that citizens of Amsterdam and the people in the souvenir shops speak better Spanish that I do. We also found out why groups of British boys only visit the red light district when they are completely drunk: the girls look like truck drivers.

In the evening we went to Stairway to heaven to drink some beers.

On Sunday, we went back home again. Even though we had one day more, time seemed to fly. Next time, with easter, we’ll try to stay even longer!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers