Oops, already a week without any notice! Yes, it’s about time that I write something new on my site. So I decided to write about the princess. Not the one of this weekend, but the one which I really missed last weekend.

As you might remember I made a small trip to Holland last weekend (exactly 24 hours and 10 minutes). O Saturday evening we went to the reception of the prince, organised by CV de Kwakbollen. And the most important question on that evening is not who will be the new Dagobert (if you know the solution to 1+1, you’re always able to figure out who he is), but how his princess will look. And if you know that Dago doesn’t have any girlfriend or wife, the first question is WHO he chose to be on his side.

The tension was really high when Dago finally appeared. Of course we faked our surprise to see him (I never could have guessed it could be him…), but immediately everybody started looking around, searching for the princess.

But no–… to our disappointment, this Dago has chosen to celebrate carnival alone. Alaaf for prince Remi XXVI!

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers