The weather

In Holland the weather is always the subject of the day, mainly because it is never the same as the day before. Last week, the weather has been the main topic over here as well. Not because it is changing so often (I wish it would!), but mainly because it is so bad. For the people who still think that I am in a warm sunny country: you’re wrong!!! It is f***ing cold over here!!!

It came by surprise. When I was in Holland it suddenly started snowing. And because that hasn’t happened the last decades, they are not prepared for it. Therefore it took while before they got all the material from other provinces. As a result, I was forced to spent the night in Barcelona last Sunday, because the road between Barcelona and Lleida was still blocked and it was too late to take the train. Fortunately Carme and Marta were so kind to buy already a ticket for the morning train and to pick me up. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

At this moment most of the big roads are cleared, but the world is still very white. And to be honest: I am getting quite fed up with this weather. After all, one of the reasons I came here is the sun.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers