Back to Holland

At this moment it is already a week ago since I was in Holland. Yes, I have been a litlle bit busy this week (indeed, I slept a lot).

Anyway, I can say that I really enjoyed my short visit. The wedding of Paula and John on Thursday was really great. But OK, free beer is always great, isn’t it? It was great to see everybody again. And in such an atmosphere, it doesn’t matter that the band made all the songs sound like René Froger.

Friday was another highlight, the concert of De Heideroosjes. It was a pleasant surprise that we went with 27 persons. At the busstop I found out that I was by far the oldest: The second (Jos) is 6 years younger!!! At least it shows that I am still young of heart. The body however was having some more problems. I had to go to the side a few times to get some fresh air. The concert was as I am used to.

Saturday and Sunday I have spend with my family (indeed, sleeping again). My room at home has really been transformed by my parents. They bought a new bed for me and removed the old computer desk. A think they want to tell me this way that MJ and I are always welcome.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers