A day at the beach

After hearing a lot of times that having fog every day is not normal, and that it is only the case here in Lleida, I decided to check it out myself.

So last Saturday, MJ and I decided to spend one day on the beach, hoping to see some sun. We woke up early (at least for us), prepared all the stuff for a pick-nick on the beach and got into the car.

Although it was not as sunny as we hoped, the weather was good enough for a pick-nick. We found a nice spot on the beach to sit down and eat our sandwiches and our salad and drink some red wine. In the mean time we could enjoy the view of the sea in front of us. We were just in between Salou and Cambrils. After the pick-nick we walked to Cambrils to get a cup of coffee. Cambrils is a pictoresque little town with a lot of nice shops and restaurants. Unlike Salou, it hasn’t got bars and discos, and as a result the atmosphere is much different.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers