The 6th of December

The 6th of December is an important day: it is the birthday of ‘Sinterklaas’ (yes, I know it is Paul). Every year the old man leaves Spain to visit Holland for a few weeks and to give presents to all the Dutch children. As you can imagine, the Dutch children are very pleased with his visit.

But I have to warn all the Dutch parents: DO NOT TRUST THIS GUY!!!!!!! I haven’t found out yet what is wrong with him, but it is a fact that the Spanish people are really happy because he is out of the country for some time. The party here is even bigger than in Holland: here everybody receives an official free day, only because Sinterklaas is out of the country. You can imagine how much they hate him…

To celebrate our free day (día del constitución), I went out with my colleagues yesterday. It is very common to visit a restaurant with your colleagues in December. Before that I visited a pub with two others. I hoped to get to know another pub, but they decided to visit Scrub. OK, it is a nice pub, so I was not complaining.

The supper was really good, although the others were complaining a little bit about the price. Here 4000 pesetas (Fl. 53,-) is a lot of money for a meal, but for me it is a quite normal price. Afterwards we visited some pubs. And yes, the very first one (O’Sullivans) was the one where my sweet darling MJ and here friends happened to be… At 4 o’clock I met here again in River Café. She came to see me, because I had the keys of the car… 😉

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers