Working times

Yesterday somebody tried to phone me during the day. Unfortunately I was not home yet, so I thought that it might be handy to explain something about my working hours.

In the morning, usually I leave at eight o’clock. First I go to Lleida to bring MJ and her sister Cristina to their work. Afterwards I drive to Torrefarera where my company is. I start working at nine o’clock and finish again at half past one. Then I go to Lleida again, pick up the others and arrive home at half past two. Sometimes I don’t have to go to Lleida; then I leave home at half past eight and arrive home again at quarter to two.

In the afternoon I enjoy a nice meal with the family (in Spain the lunch is the most important meal of the day), and I go back to work again at quarter past three (or twenty to four if I can go to my work directly). I work until 8 o’clock, and usually am home again at half past eight.

Of course there are always exceptions. Sometimes after work we go the pub to drink something with some friends. Usually we go to Scrub. And other times I spent some time in town shopping or arranging some papers.

Anyway, I think it is long enough for today.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers