Updated 2020-09-02

Where am I most obsessively focused for the foresee-able future?
In no particular order:

  • Avoiding Covid-19
  • I am also reviewing my notes, which I am migrating to Roam Research. In the past I have used several note taking solutions (DEVONthink, nvALT, Evernote,  Notes and markdown files in Zettlr) and each time I changed tools I have tried without success to migrate everything. As a results, my notes are now distributed over several locations, which makes finding information troublesome.
  • While I always thought our diet was reasonably healthy, after reading ”Mi dieta ya no cojea“ by Aitor Sánchez we are making several adjustments.
  • The coronivirus lock down in spring made us aware that our home lacks outdoor space. We sometimes used a small balcony, but are now working on adapting our back-patio to be able to sit down and have breakfast or a drink in a cosy space.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.

Jeroen Sangers @jeroensangers

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