Lights on

Sometimes you have to let go some good habits to adapt yourself. When I came to live in Spain, I was used to drive all day with the lights of my car turned on for better visibility.
However, the people over here do not have that custom, and friendly as they are, they tried to warn me to tell that I forgot to turn of my lights. That is nice if it happens a few times, but actually it happened several times a day, and after a week I was getting quite fed-up with it. So I stopped driving with the lights turned on during daytime.
This week, the Spanish governement started a campaign to tell people about the enhanced security when driving with the car lights turned on. Guess who is happily driving around with the lights on again?

One thought on “Lights on”

  1. I never followed that trend. But my current car does it automatically: Turn on the lights when it gets dark en switch them off 3 minutes after I park. Makes life easy.

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