The MUDs are back!

I just tried out IMified, and felt like I stepped into a time machine bringing me back to the 80’s. Web 2.0 finally got text menu’s:
*** Main Menu ****
1 – IMified Notes
2 – IMified Reminders
3 – IMified Todos
4 – My Account
type ‘M’ at any time to return to this menu
Forum: | Blog:
Jeroen: 3
IMified (ColdFusion): *** IMified Todos ***
1 – Add
2 – View
3 – Completed
type ‘M’ for the main menu

2 thoughts on “The MUDs are back!”

  1. No, IMified lets you communicate with your favourite web applications (Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, Blogger, WordPress, Basecamp/Fimcap group hub) using your I’M client. The theory is that you usually open your I’M client when starting Windows, and it takes to long to start up a browser and go the a specific page only to check your calendar. With IMified you can interact directly from your I’M client.

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