I just noticed that I have published exactly 499 entries on Brain Tags. Time to add number 500!!!
So this is number 500, a milestone. Not that it has been difficult to write that much articles, since it took me almost eight years –I wrote the first entry on November 24, 1997. Of course I didn’t start writing regularly until I moved to Spain in 2001, when I had written only 27 entries in four years. You can follow my writing progress on the Entries & Comments page.
Anyway, I am still going strong, and still enjoy writing. So much that I am not only writing on Brain Tags, but also write on the POS blog and on the It’s a Small Place business weblog of BryteNet hosting.
Let’s continue until I reach 1000!!!!

One thought on “500”

  1. Woo! Congrats. I’m almost to post 1000 on TADSpot. It’s taken me since around September 2003. And that doesn’t count the several hundred posts on other various incarnations of TADSpot going back to 2000 or so.
    Like you said in your about page, if you’re writing because you enjoy it, then it’s easy to hit cool milestones.

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