I just installed Skype on my PC to have a look at it, but really wonder what it adds. I am already available through ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and IRC, and most of these services also support audio chats with reasonable quality. In my opinion Skype is just another IM client. I don’t want to have yet another client, I only want that the existing clients work together. Of course, I don’t have five applications running, I use Trillian–, but it does open five network connections over different ports.

For the moment, you can Skype me at icg-jeroen. If I find it useful, I will keep on using it.

2 thoughts on “Skype”

  1. The only advantage I can see that Skype has, is that if you ahve a headset with a microphon e and someone else has it too, you can call cheap over the Internet. If not, they relay your call for a low sum per minute (0,02 ? per minute to the US – from the Netherlands) to a regular line. But as Jeroen already said, Trillian contains all messenger services in one GUI, why use yet another one? Go for Trillian!

  2. Well, the test lasted exactly one day. I still haven’t found the additional value over an MSN or Yahoo audio chat, so I removed Skype from my PC again.

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