Out of respect for the victims and out of protest towards terrorism, today I put my site on black.

What happened this morning in Madrid is inhuman and cannot be justified. I can only guess for the reasons behind this horrible deed, but know that whatever they were trying to reach is not going to happen, in contrary.

If they wanted to put political parties up against each other, they failed, since all parties now form one front against terrorism.

If they wanted to show their strength, they will fail, since the government (whoever will win the elections the coming weekend) will be very convinced in finding the people behind this attack.

I cincerely hope that the Spanish government does the right thing as a reaction to the events today, without limiting the rights of the Spanish inhabitants.

2 thoughts on “Black”

  1. Dear Jeroen, dear Spanish visitors.
    It has not only shocked you, it has shocked an entire nation. Here in the Netherlands we were appaled by the terror attack. So inhumane, so terrible, so attroscious, so cowardly, so… no words can describe the feelings when seeing the pictures of the bombed trains, the ravaged and crying people.
    We feel with you in these difficult times, and do hope that no party that lives in difference with eachother uses these kinds of tactics ever again.
    Greetings from Sebastiaan, Marjolijn and family.

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