A new computer

After 7 years of intensive use, time has come to say goodbye to my old PC. It simply has too much technical problems: I assume problems with the power supply, the memory and the CPU! As a result, my screen freezes frequently, usually when I am using Microsoft software.

So last Saturday I took the step and ordered a new PC. Just like the one I have now it is a low-budget (€500) white label box, which I hope will also last the same number of years. The box I ordered has the following specifications:

  • Intel Celeron 2,4 MHz
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 80Gb Hard disk
  • DVD player
  • DVD/CD-RW writer

9 thoughts on “A new computer”

  1. I completely believe you that a Duron performs better than an Intel. For me speed was not the issue, since as many other people (even though they don’t realize it) I would be very happy with a 500MHz PIII for the things I use my PC.
    Price of course was an issue, but I haven’t found a cheaper box than the one I described above. I even looked up the prices of all necessary parts (with AMD Duron) to build the machine myself, but ended up paying only €25 less.

  2. Don’t suppose you read the article comparing AMD Duron processors against Intel Celerons, posted at Anandtech. AMD’s low end processor stomped all over Intel’s.
    “When we can find a 1.6GHz Duron for just over half the price of a 2.6GHz Celeron and get better performance consistently in almost every test we ran, the choice is clear.”

  3. Dat zijn fabeltjes!
    De eerste week zal dat inderdaad zo zijn, maar daarna gaat het opstarten net zo langzaam! Het opstarten van MS-DOS op mijn oude 8088 (8MHz) met daarna WordPerfect 5 duurde net zolang als het opstarten van Windows 98 en Office 97 op mijn Pentium 150MHz; wat weer net zo lang duurt als het opstarten van Windows XP en OpenOffice.org 1.1 (inderdaad, geen Microsoft Office meer) op mijn nieuwe 2.4GHz machine.
    Vooruitgang heet dat…

  4. Sebastiaan: have you tried to upgrade the BIOS? My PC is older, but supports 10Gb without problems.
    Coen: als ik iets sneller kan dan een PC, heb ik de PC niet nodig, waar?

  5. Hoi Jeroentje,
    Eindelijk dan toch een nieuwe pc. Het verbaast me alleen dat je een INTEL erin hebt en geen AMD? Was zeker goedkoper 🙂
    Nou ja, je hebt in ieder geval weer een pc die sneller is dan dat jij zelf bent 😉
    Groeten Coen

  6. Congrats!
    I’ve been busy for over three years to invest in a new PC, but my old one, which has almost the same specs as your old one still does its thing. It evens supports USB 2.0. So for the time being I will stick to my old faithful (Cyrex 133 MHz, 64 MB EDO RAM, 8 MB graphics, CD-R/RW-writer). Even though my BIOS is so old that it cannot read harddisk above 8,096 GB. My current one is 13,6 GB, but my BIOS can only give me 8,096 of those!
    Goo luck with your new PC!
    Anyone else out there with an old, still-running PC? Here in the Netherlands there has just been a competition for who has the oldest, still-running PC. The winner was a company that still used an IBM from 1983 to test old dot-matrix printers!

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