A List Apart 3.0

A List Apart is the resource for the latest trends in web design. Today the third version of their site became available, with no more than three new articles.

How disappointed was I when I noticed that they use a fixed width for their pages, a really small font by default, a font colour that lacks contrast and that some parts of the text are rendered unreadable with the blue background instead of white. I don’t know whether the last problem is a bug in Firebird or a coding problem, since it disappears when I reload the page.

Fortunately the content is much better than their new design!

One thought on “A List Apart 3.0”

  1. I really (really!) like their new browse by topic sidebar. This makes it so much easier to find something. Fortunately they didn’t change the URI format, since I linked to the quite a lot and they were always easy to remember :).

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