A List Apart 3.0

A List Apart is _the_ resource for the latest trends in web design. Today the third version of their site became available, with no more than three new articles.
How disappointed was I when I noticed that they use a fixed width for their pages, a really small font by default, a font colour that lacks contrast and that some parts of the text are rendered unreadable with the blue background instead of white. I don’t know whether the last problem is a bug in Firebird or a coding problem, since it disappears when I reload the page.
Fortunately the content is much better than their new design!

One thought on “A List Apart 3.0”

  1. I really (really!) like their new browse by topic sidebar. This makes it so much easier to find something. Fortunately they didn’t change the URI format, since I linked to the quite a lot and they were always easy to remember :).

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