Learning Spanish on Internet

I always thought that the Internet would not be suited to learn a language, because it is better to learn from a real teacher who can explain things to you.
Once again Mark Pilgrim is two steps aheadt of everybody. First, he started a spanish site, to practice his Spanish a little bit (I know, I should also write in Spanish on this site), and I suspect also to have a good excuse to design a new site.
After anouncing this new site, a second message for the Spanish speaking readers appeared, asking for Spanish curse words, dirty words and insults. I guess he just wants to built a filter for the comments on his new site.
Anyway, the amount of reactions and the contents of these reactions is impressive! I learned some wonderfull new expressions (the best/worst untill now: “Estás tan buena que te comería la regla a cucharadas”_), and surely will keep on watching the new comments on this post!!!
**[Update 2004.01.21]**: Removed broken links to Mark’s site.