One week later…

We’re now living in our new house for one week now, and things have settled down a bit.

The first days were a little bit chaotic. We found out that we didn’t have hot water, so we had to improvise a bit with taking showers and washing the dishes. Our dishwasher still isn’t working, because the hole in the closet where the tubes and the power cable of the dishwasher go through has been made in the wrong location. If things go alright they will fix this today or tomorrow.

Last weekend I fixed the beds and the wardrobe in the second bedroom. When that was finished we could finally unpack a lot of the boxes in our office, which looks a lot cleaner now. We also could clean the entrance, which have been a storage place for some months and haven’t been cleaned thoroughly during that time.

On Sunday we invited the parents and the grandmother of Maria José (the people who helped us so generously with this house) for lunch. A little bit of stress in the morning because we wanted everything to look perfect and serve a good meal. And yes, we succeeded!

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