Aplec del Caragol

That’s it, it is over now. The Aplec del Caragol has finished. The aplec is a big feast with ‘eating snails’ as a central theme. But in fact it is a lot more. It is about eating, drinking, culture, meeting old friends, music, …

On the applec groups of people (collas) spent one weekend together on the festival terrain. There are about 120 collas, with each 50–100 members. Members pay an amount of money, for which they can eat and drink during the whole weekend. Every colla has it’s own space on the terrain, provided with a small bar, tables and chairs, BBQ’s and usually also (live) music. Every member wears the shirt and the scarf of his colla.

Some numbers: besides the 12.000 members of the collas, another 200.000 people have visited the aplec. In all, 12 tons of snails have been consumed!!!

The family of MJ is a member of colla ‘Picarols’ and I was lucky enough to be able to join their colla. Also to my luck, this colla wears white shirts with a blue print as opposed to others which wear white shirts with pink dots, purple shirts with green print…

It was a great pleasure to pass all the collas and watch how every colla has it’s own way of passing the weekend. Another thing which I like a lot, is that it is an activity for everybody. Sometimes three generations of one family are present on one colla.

There is only one backdraw: I think that if your not within a colla, it might not be as much fun. But maybe the 200.000 visiters think different about it… I enjoyed it a lot at least.

6 thoughts on “Aplec del Caragol”

  1. Snails

    It was that famous weekend again: the Aplec del Caragol. I won’t go into details, but after two days of eating and drinking I feel tired, dirty, and have pain in my stomach.

  2. If you are interested in the Catalan culinary culture, you surely have to visit the Aplec! The best way to ‘live’ the Aplec is by joining a Penya, but that might be difficult for people from outside. Of course there are plenty of facilities for people outside the penyas, so you don’t have to worry about your portion of snails. There is no need for reservations (except for a place to sleep), you simple enter the area and enjoy.

  3. Hello! I´m living in Barcelona and am writing a book about food and cataluña. I´m planning to attend the Aplec de Caragol this May. Any suggestions? How do I make a reservation?
    Jennifer Gemma

  4. Website progress

    People who haven’t visited my website might think that it has changed a lot. But after the big step last week things look quite the same. That is because I am going to make the site in three stages: Contents….

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