Sant Jordi

Today is a special day. Not only because Barcelona is playing against Madrid, but also because today is Sant Jordi (you know, they guy who killed the dragon).

In Catalunya this day is celebrated by giving each other presents. The boys give a rose to the girls, and in return they receive a book. For me this looks like a good deal, since the average book costs four times the price of a rose.

So after work I went to town to buy a rose. This was not very difficult, since there were roses for sale on almost every corner and at every traffic light. Also books were available in plenty; Maria José bought a book of Alberto Vasquez for me.

On the news they showed the numbers of this day of books and roses (besides lot’s of pictures of books and roses. Today the Catalan people bought 5,5 million roses (there are 6 million Catalans!) and 10% of the yearly volume of books was sold today!!!! Very impressive…

One thought on “Sant Jordi”

  1. It’s that time again…

    Today is Sant Jordi, the day that all Catalan boys give a rose to their girlfriend and receive a book in return. Already this morning I could see some people selling roses at the trafic lights, so for sure I…

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